Success in MetaCTF CyberGames 2021



Me and my friend from school competed in a great CTF challenge this weekend. It ran from 03/12/21 8pm to 05/12/21 8pm, in which time we solved 32 challenges, gathering 6925 points. We came 41st in the students leaderboard and 96th overall, that’s very good for our first CTF.

I learnt a lot from this CTF, especially about what I don’t know yet.


As you can see, Reconnaissance and Forensics were our strongest categories. The large other category on mine is because there was a forensics challenge that got bundled into that category worth 600 points, the highest we solved. Web exploitation is sort of middling.

In terms of our weak areas, reverse engineering isn’t looking too strong, and neither is cryptography.

However, the glaring gap in that chart is Binary Exploitation. Turns out, we know very little. We got near, in that we could figure out the basics, but once there was a twist, we were stumped.

I’ll slowly start releasing any interesting writeups I have on here.

Overall, this was a very fun and educational CTF event, thank you so much to the organisers for putting it together!