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My startup: Tradesmen Bookings

A project I started 4 months ago is tradesmen bookings. Property management services currently manage their tradesmen through calling, which is expensive, so I decided to write a SaaS tool that would optimise this. No calling, just post a job and the tradesmen apply. Development It’s written in ruby on rails, which was honestly quite painful to get started on. I’m not typically involved in web development, so it was quite a giant learning curve, felt like the learning curve of Eve.

Rust Reversing 1: Hello, world!

There’s plenty of decompilers for most compiled languages, but what about rust? I couldn’t find one, so let’s try to understand what the resulting code looks like, in the hopes of creating a decompiler. Might help out somebody going against an odd malware author who’s decided that rust makes sense (it doesn’t). Fair warning, this is my first dive into assembly reverse engineering since I did basic crackmes a few years ago, so be prepared for vagueness while I’m trying to learn.